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3 DIY decoration with the lovely Physalis

2 weeks ago, my son was playing in my neighbours garden and they had this lovely plant called Physalis growing all along their balcony. Before going home, I was so lucky to be given 4 branches of these cute little lanterns and couldn't wait to bring them back home. I knew that would make some nice home decoration and give us fun moments with my son during the creation process.

Home decoration 1

This step is pretty easy as you just have to get a vase, in my case a recycled Ricard water bottle, cut the ends of the stems and arrange nicely. They drink a lot of water so try to put the stems as deep as possible in the vase so you don't need to water them every day.

apesigned DIY home decoration

Home decoration 2

After 10 days in the water the leaves started to get yellow and flabby so I decided to keep all the little lanterns by cutting them of the stems to make a new home decoration with my son.

Material & DIY:

  • A pair of scissors - a needle - thread, in my case I used white cotton

  • Cut all the little lanterns of the branches. If some of them are a little crushed, use the needle to put them back in shape by introducing the needle softly in the opening of the lanterns point and push the lantern back in form from the inside.

  • Introduce the yarn in the needle and lay down 1 meter of the yarn on the table without cutting the end. This so that you can arrange the lanterns nicely once you have them all on the string.

  • Take the needle and pierce softly each lantern on the base to pass the thread

  • Arrange nicely all your lanterns by having the little ones at both ends and the bigger ones in the middle and if you wish you can also arrange them by their colours

apesigned DIY home decoration

Home Decoration 3

Our last decoration idea is as well a pretty and easy idea that you can do with your kids to recycle some old tinsel garlend or simply to change your decoration and give a natural/vegetal touch.

Material & DIY:

  • Physalis lanterns - a string light - a pair of small nail scissors

  • As many Physalis lanterns as led lights on your string light

  • An indoor string light - LED lights so that the lanterns don't burn (it could be an old string light decoration that you don't fancy anymore and wish to upcycle)

  • With your scissors open up the top of the lanterns where the stem comes out by cutting a little circle. The size of the circle depends on the size of your lights but don't cut too large as otherwise the lanterns will not hold well on your lights

  • Introduce each light in a little lantern and light them up! (If necessary you can glue them a little to the light base with some transparent paper glue)

Hope you enjoyed our home decoration ideas and don't forget to use the hashtag #apetrends so that we can follow your home decorations as well!

Looking forward to your DIY decoration ideas :-)

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