How to become a Slow Fashion Ambassador with apesigned?

If you're sensitive to fair fashion and wish to help us make fashion more sustainable while earning cash at the same time,

take part at our brand ambassador program!

Responsibilities include:

– Being passionated by fashion and having a growing interest in sustainable fashion
– Have a genuine interest in helping to spread the word about the brand and its mission
– Promoting apesigned on social media
– Promoting and selling our products in your community, neighborhood, sports team, etc.


– You’ll earn 15% commissions
– You’ll get access to special gifts and exclusive promotions only available to ambassadors
– You’ll get your own discount code for exclusive 30% OFF your own purchases


Does this all look good to you? If so, we invite you to send an email at with the following information:

– Your first and last name
– Your email address
– Your Instagram and Facebook links (ex:
– The country or region you would like to represent
– The name of the ambassador who referred you (if applicable)

& Be part of the Fashion Revolution! 

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