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Vietnam meets Switzerland


Share our passion for beautiful, handcrafted & tailor-made clothes and accessories at a fair price by ordering unique designs directly from the finest workshops of our artisans to your home.

From our capsule collections to your unique tailor-made orders, we'd love to make you happy.  

Your smile is our best reward! 



Our little Story 

The story of a girl, travelling around the world and discovering her love for handcrafted products, who decides to jump in and create the brand she dreams of.


apesigned, is a conscious fashion label for men, women and kids, creating handmade collections with love and with a blink to mother nature. The collections are designed in her atelier in Geneva and created in collaboration with artisans & small family businesses in Vietnam & Switzerland.

"Handcrafted & tailor-made fashion

to reflect your true self "


Vietnam meets


apesigned is a tribute to her origins and to the richness & diversity of these two beautiful countries. 

By merging her ideas and passions with the local craftsmanship, the label hopes to shine a light on the handmade products found in the Vietnamese culture, and to stimulate small family businesses, all while providing customers with timeless, hand-selected items of impeccable quality and style.


Behind apesigned...

♥ Jeanne, the creator:

"In my childhood, I spent a lot of time with my parents in flea markets and antique shops, admiring products and fashion coming from all around the world. Once home, I was trying to capture those inspirations by changing the decoration in my room and customising my clothes.

A few years later, after my studies in International Relations and some years working in marketing, I decide to take the plunge and come closer to ethical fashion by creating a network of artisans in Vietnam. I start with a dozen pieces and organise a showroom at a friend's art gallery. Very quickly it's stock-out and the start of a slow fashion label love story. I have more projects than time to realize them, and a smile on my lips every morning".

My collaborations:

♥ Lan and familiy: embroderies & ethnical fabrics 

♥ Chi: tailor-made shoes  

♥ Hoa: tailor-made suits, blazers & jackets 

♥ Thuy: tailor-made tops, dresses & shorts 

♥ Kim & Phuong: tailor-made sporty & bohochic dresses 

♥ Minh: tailor-made cocktail & evening dresses

fair fashion upcycling fabric - tissus upcycling mode équitable apesigned

​The Collection

Our handmade collections are inspired from the tropical nature combined with the daily Asian life. Share our passion for original prints, tailor-made suits, dresses & shoes, handcrafted accessories and trendy cuts. apesigned provides special care in choice of local partners as well as materials and cutting from creations.

You can design your dresses, blazers & shoes to your taste by choosing the fabric & leather colours of each item and if you have a favorite piece, the artisan would be pleased to create it in other colours!


"Create Your Own Fashion Conscious Fashion"

Our Vision


Our collections are made with love and stand for equity by helping local artisan families to have a proper income which will allow them to maintain their traditional craftsmanship and keep their small family businesses while paying the school fees for their children as even elementary school is not free.

By creating tailor-made products and limited editions with up-cycled fabrics coming from ethnic minorities and end of fabric rolls from the fashion industry, 

apesigned is also engaged in the energy efficiency and waste management. apesigned's wish is to collaborate with artisans from all around the world to make visible their "handmade with love" products and know-how to create slow fashion with style.

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