Handmade with Love 

Share our passion for handmade accessories made by Jeanne and in collaboration with our artisans!

Here below a beautiful selection of what we do with our artisans do in Vietnam. From the ethnic minorities in the North, like the Black Hmongs in Sapa or Flower Hmongs in Bac Ha, creating colorful embroideries, down to the South, where our necklaces are made by small family owned workshops.

We also collaborate with amazing artisans in Rwanda who make our handmade earrings either with colourful wax fabrics or with raffia. Each pair of earrings has been chosen carefully and is an unique exemplar on our website to give you a little "unicorn" touch.

We favour a circular economy by using natural up-cycled fabrics and bio cotton respecting Oeko-tex standards for our accessories.

Let those accessories be your little treasures and brighten you up like a sunshine!