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Bubble Ethic: register to our eco-events

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Brands having already registered before can skip questions 1 to 6.
2. Label focus (If multiple add in your description please)
6. Which eco-market do you wish to attend? A quels éco-marchés aimeraient vous participer?


  • Sunday 7.11.2021: Chf 140.- / 1 stall, Qafé Guidoline, Rue des Pâquis 24, 1201 Genève

    • (With: 1 table & chair; to bring with: stander, additional lights)

  • Weekend 4-5.12.2021: Chf 250.- / 1 stall, Coworking Café les Voisins Saint-Gervais, Bvd James Fazy 8, 1201 Genève, à côté de la Gare Cornavin

    • (With: 1 table & chair; to bring with: stander, additional lights)

      • Option 1 day: Chf 150.-

  • Wednesday 4th - Saturday 8th of December 2021: Chf 320.-/ 1 stall during 4 days at Bubble Ethic's indoor Christmas eco-market in Nyon. Bubble Ethic - Rue Neuve 3 -1260 Nyon

    • To bring with you: 1 table & chair, and/or mannequin, stander, additional lights

    • Option per days: Chf 270.-/ 3 days; Chf 210.-/ 2 days; Chf 140.-​/ 1 day


4-5.12.2021 & 8-11.12.2012: Local artisans and ethical creators wishing to participate but unable to attend have the opportunity to exhibit their works on displays provided for this purpose. Bubble Ethic will then take care of the sales. 

To ensure a level of quality and harmony during our eco-markets, all applications will be reviewed before being validated. Thank you so much for your interest!

Unfortunately it is not possible to accept all requests.


I hereby confirm that I am willing to be registered as a participant one of the upcoming eco-events and the veracity of my registration. Once my participation approved with the participations conditions, I agree to pay the corresponding participation fee to secure my participation.

Thanks for submitting!

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