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Fashion Sketch

Always wanted to have a personalised style consultation in Slow Fashion? 

apesigned is pleased to accompagne you in the sublimation of your personality and style.

Should it be for a special occasion (a wedding, an event, a date), for a better acceptance of yourself, gain or loss of weight, entering the work life or just for fun, Jeanne is here to give you the best advices to embrace your future with a greater confidence in yourself and radiate a new glow.

Jeanne will help you in:

 ♥ Creating your capsule ward robe

 ♥ Being more confident with your style 

 ♥ Decluttering your wardrobe & sustainable style consulting

 ♥ Tailoring the fashion piece you desire for an every day use or a special occasion

(for example bespoke shirts, a tailor-made blazer/suit, a tailor-made dress/ bridal gown or whatever fashion piece your heart desires)

Write us with your wish or take a first cost free appointment of 30 minutes to discuss your desires and walk towards a more sustainable wardrobe. 

We are here for you!

Yours - apesigned


Fall Fashion Display


You wear your clothes!

Make them last!

Organise your sustainable wardrobe to reflect the best version of

you at every occasion! 

Store Associate


Understand what suits YOU!

Find out which styles flatter you

and why, so you can select the 

clothes and accessories that suit your shape, your personality and your budget.

Browsing Jackets


Imagine shopping with your

very own expert stylist who fully 

understands your needs or have

her shop for you!

Get her tips & tricks and

slow fashion addresses 

Emilie's bridal gown testimonial: 

"A wedding: a unique and magical event, but also a day that can be very stressful - a moment in which you do not want to manage anything except enjoy, shine as a bride and dance until your feet hurts. This is what Jeanne from apesigned understood very well when

she created this dress. She was very attentive to my desires (rather complex, I must admit) and was able to advise me so that I could feel comfortable and elegant. She found the look and the fabrics that corresponded best to me and knew how to turn this rater simple and conservative dress into a beautiful bridal gown with a "sexy touch". Thank you Jeanne for this creation which corresponded fully to my image and allowed me to spend the most beautiful day of my life!"

Emilie Dumas

Olya's bridal gown:

A tailor-made dress for a glowing 8 months pregnant bride 

Choose your fabric & style and we take care of your tailor-made order:
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