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Discover either a live Hatha Yoga or a Pilates class or the combination of the two disciplines combined to experience the harmony and well-being in body & mind!


Pilates class:Strengthening of the deep muscles & abdominal belt (perineum - transverse - oblique).Helps relieve back pain by improving posture and balance. Sculpts the silhouette and strengthens the perineum firming the muscles and releasing all tension.


Hatha Yoga class:A yoga that is both gentle and invigorating, relaxing and strengthening with benefits to the mind, sometimes demanding but respectful of the individual level. Hatha yoga helps working on concentration and better manage stress. This form of yoga is a mixture of movements and postures and immerses you in a state of intense relaxation and meditation good for the mental health. A good way to better manage your emotions.


Yoga/Pilates class: Toning your body & mind in a dynamic, varied and fun way by alternating yoga & pilates postures helps to better manage stress and will develop one's physical capacities (strength - balance - coordination - breathing).


This courses are open to all.

Come with your mat, your good mood and don't forget your water bottle! 


(Valid one month from the date of purchase on)

Live Yoga, Pilates or Yoga/Pilates class

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